As a motivational keynote speaker, author and peak performance coach and consultant, Forest applies his experience as a Six-Time US National Gold Medalist to help corporations, associations, groups and individuals just like you to reach the next level and to help you to reach your peak performance…

Obviously my background is as a successful athlete, but how did I come to serve others and help them reach their goals and to perform to their true peak performance potential?

I was going through a time period in my life where things were not going well. At the time I worked for NASA and hated my job, I was married to a wonderful women who I despised, I had (then) 2 wonderful children that I resented. In fact I was pretty miserable. About the only thing I loved was competing in my sport, and at the time I had just suffered a devastating injury. In fact I was told I would not walk again. Needless to say my life was falling apart.

Fortunately, right after the accident while laying on the floor of the mini-van that took me to the hospital and before the despair had set in, I had an overwhelming thought of gratitude that I had not been more seriously injured. Though at the time I did not know how bad things actually were. None the less that moment was the turning point. During the recovery process, which still continues to this day, my wife and I began a period of personal development. Through that process I began to study how the subconscious mind works and the importance of a positive mindset. During this process of self discovery I asked myself, what would happen if I applied all the techniques, strategies and concepts that made me successful as an athlete and applied them to other areas of my life, in fact all areas of my life.

In a very short time period, all the areas of my life improved dramatically. My marriage, relationships with my children, my outlook about my job, my personal and professional relationships all improved. All from just doing what I had always known.

So then I wondered how could I help others to:

  1. not suffer like I did,
  2. if already suffering, how to end the suffering quickly,
  3. and most importantly how to thrive.

Through working with my business coach and mentor I came to realize that I possessed a unique understanding of the mindset of a champion athlete or what I have come to call The Gold Medal Mindset. Better still after a lot of self reflection I realized that The Gold Medal Mindset is not something one is born with, it is something that is developed. This is great news because it means that you to can develop The Gold Medal Mindset of Success, and better still I am hear to help you develop it so you to can perform to your true peak performance potential and experience Gold Medal Success.

Here is your Gold Medal Success!


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