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Wow… Can you say Final Four shocker?

Before the madness started, March Madness that is, there was talk that this year there were 4 strong #1 teams in the Men’s NCAA Basketball tournament, and that all four #1 teams should advance to the final-four.

Now we are done with the Round of Eight and here we are with none of the #1 seeds advancing to the final four. In fact none of the #2 seeds managed to advance either. So here we are with history in the making. This is the first time a final four game has had two teams seeded 8 and lower.

Saturday we are going to see #3 UCONN (University of Connecticut) vs #4 UK (University of Kansas) and #8 Butler vs #11 VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). That just goes to show that on any given day any team can triumph. I mean really, sure the UofA guys wanted to see Arizona win out over Texas, but not many of them will tell you they actually had Arizona beating Texas in their bracket. But then Texas failed to inbound the ball, turned it over and then fowled on the buzzer shot. Really, a #10 nationally ranked team makes a mistake like that. And then no-one who is honest will tell you they had Arizona picked to beat #1 Duke. But it happened. Duke goes down. The last chance for a #1 to make it to the Big Dance, and now hear we are with: #3 UCONN (University of Connecticut) vs #4 UK (University of Kansas) and #8 Butler vs #11 VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University).

We love sports because in theory the best team wins… but the truth is “most of the time” the best team wins. That is great news, because we can’t always be the best team every time. Anyway who wants to live by statistics; ok besides the insurance industry.

So what does this mean for you, your career and your business? It means on any given day you too can can knock out the big guy and get the invite to the Big Dance of life. That is what I tell the kids I coach in youth sports and more often than not our teams beat the so called better teams.

This applies to your business too; on any given day you can out perform the industry leader.

So go out there and make it happen. Have a Gold Medal Day!

article by Forest Fisher, Motivational Speaker, Author and Peak Performance Coach, Six-Time US National Gold Medalist
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