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Louisville Cardinals (#1) beat Wichita State (#9) 72-68 in the first game of this year NCAA College Basketball Division 1A Final Four. Louisville was the only #1 seed in the Final Four, in fact they were the only #1 seed in the elite 8. And now they advance to the National Championship game on April 8th, 2013, but who will they play? Either Michigan or Syracuse (both #4 seeds).

But the life lesson here is not that the #1 seed advanced but rather how they did it. They had to come from behind after opening the game with an 8-0 deficit. In fact most of the game was controlled by Wichita, but like true champions, Louisville never gave up and Finish Strong (finished strong). And all this without Kevin Ware who had got injured earlier in the tournament against Duke.

The ability to keep mental focus, never give up and finish strong is one of the critical Gold Medal Success Secrets.

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