Make This Your Best Year EVER

Gold Medal Success Coaching Program

90 day Gold Medal Success Program

  1. An introductory 1-on-1 call ranging from 45-90 min
    1. Identify your desired direction
    2. Build your success road-map
  2. Follow-up 45-60 min coaching call
    1. Follow-up call to review progress and reevaluate goals and direction
    2. And adjust success road-map if needed
    3. Can be used anytime after the first month
  3. 15 min weekly status and accountability call
    1. status on progress
    2. accountability
    3. reevaluate progress and plan
  4. unlimited email access
    1. providing your email correspondence is concise you have unlimited email access
  5. assignments
    1. consistent with achieving your goals and success

For more information about Gold Medal Success Coaching, wether it be business coaching, life coaching, success coaching or peak performance coaching for life, sport or business, fill-in your name and email (phone number optional) and our office will follow-up with you…


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