article – March Madness Sweet 16 – Overcoming Odds – Anything is Possible!

By now we are use to seeing upsets and underdog victories and March Madness is no exception. In fact the college basketball tournament is notorious for teams overcoming the odds and out performing expectations (seedings), and this year is no exception. We are down to the sweet-16 and the brackets are all over the place. (see bracket graphic at bottom of article – courtesy of ESPN)

The EAST is fully in tact with the top four seeds still in play. No. 1 Indiana will face no. 4 Syracuse, and no. 2 Miami (FL) will face no. 3 Marquette.

The MidWEST is mostly in tact with the top 3 seeds still in play but no. 4 Saint Louis was knocked out by no. 12 Oregon, who is now scheduled to battle no. 1 Louisville, and no. 2 Duke will play no. 3 Michigan State.

Likewise the SOUTH is also mostly in tact with the 1, 3 and 4 seeds advancing but the South also gets to make history this year with the 1st no. 15 seed to make it to the Sweet-16. No. 15 FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University) knocking out historical powerhouse no. 2 Georgetown and then going on to defeat no. 7 San Diego St. This leaves no. 1 Kansas (KU) against no. 4 Michigan and no. 3 Florida (FLA) against no. 15 FGCU.

And finally the WEST which is the most twisted of the brackets. First no. 14 Harvard made history with their first time advancing out of the 1st round with a victory over no. 3 New Mexico, but then got defeated by no. 6 Arizona (UofA) who will play the only top seed remaining in the WEST, no. 2 Ohio State, and on the other side of the WEST is no. 9 Wichita State (who nocked out no. 1 Gonzaga) playing no. 13 La Salle (who knocked out no. 4 powerhouse Kansas State).

So we get a three no. 1s, three no. 2s, three no. 3s, two no. 4s and a 15, 13, 12, 9, 6 seeds to round out the sweet-sixteen this year.

The life lesson to take away is that the odds are there to be beaten. Be the underdog… whether you are the bottom seed or the top seed, make it your goal to out perform expectations. Remember, anything is possible as long as you believe!

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March Madness sweet 16 over coming odds anything is possible article   March Madness Sweet 16   Overcoming Odds   Anything is Possible!

March Madness - Sweet 16 - Overcoming Odds - Anything is Possible

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