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Memorable Moment

perfect wave article   Memorable Moments and Clear Intensions

Memorable Moments

There was a light chop on the water from the gentle on shore wind coming out of the North/West and the current was from North to South. The pack of surfers I was sitting with started to paddle left and to the outside as a line appeared on the horizon. I stayed put.

As the wave came in and started to pick up, the walled up line became a little peaky, and in fact the peak was coming right at me, which is a good thing. In a moment it was clear that in fact I was now the only one in place to catch the wave…. Come to papa.

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I turned and took off on a nearly no-paddle take off on a nice chest high peaky line. I was a little deep in the wave as I looked to the right and saw the line walling up, so mid way down the face I made a quick pivot turn. I stalled in the pocket to set the tail and began to cross-stepped toward the nose. 2/3rds of the way to the nose I paused to make sure the tail was securely set, then continued to cross-step to the tip. From the tip I pumped the wave a few times to keep up with the section.  Then cross-stepped off the nose back towards the tail to make a sharp cutback and then a face turn right in front of the white water to setup in the pocket again. Reset the tail and cross-stepped to nose again and then tucked under the lip as the wave closed out (i.e. the entire remaining wave broke).

It was not a spectacular wave, nor was it a great ride, but the memorable moment came from cross-stepping backwards to get off the nose and back to the tail to make the cutback.

Why you ask?

Well many longboarders

never bother to learn to cross-step. Instead they tend to use the shuffle approach to the nose. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, it just tends to be viewed as much less stylish and is slower (i.e. less effective). So many years ago when I began to longboard I made it a point to learn to cross-step. But often out of the “fear of failure” (messing up a great wave/ride) I, like many others, would shuffle-step going backwards, because it tends to be a little harder and more critical to cross-step backwards, but what made this ride a “memorable moment” was the cross-stepping backwards to get off the nose and make the tail cut-back turn.

Now there are many memorable moments in life that come through unplanned events and just being in the moment, but this was not one. The moment came from “clear intensions”. See this morning I set a goal that if the situation arose I would cross-step backwards or at least make the effort to force myself to learn the maneuver, even if it put the wave/ride at risk.

So as in many other successes in life, this memorable moment and little triumphant success was the result of goal setting. To learn more about goal-setting: in your sport, life, marriage or business visit:

Have a Gold Medal Day!


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