article – NCAA MidWest Regional Championship… Dealing with Set Backs and Injuries

In yesterdays NCAA MidWest Regional Championship Game, University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware’s injury was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. After going up for a shot-block, Kevin Ware broke his leg upon landing. The good news is he is expected to make a full recovery, and the Louisville Cardinals went on to beat the Duke Blue Devils (the team I was rooting for). But that leaves the question, how do you deal with set backs and particularly ones coming from injuries?

I myself have had 2 devastating injury related setbacks. First in 2004 with a shattered calcaneus (heel bone) and damaged talus joint, and second in 2007 with a dislocated knee and three torn knee ligaments. Both of which still cause chronic pain to this day, and are still continuing to get better. After the 1st injury, I remember laying on the floor of the mini-van being taken to the hospital, thinking how grateful I was that it was not worse (not yet knowing how bad it really was). I was laid up in a hospital bed for months battling depression and having to learn to let others help me. I was a do it myself type of guy.

I spent a lot of time in self-reflection and it was during this trying time that the Gold Medal Mindset philosophies where formulated. I had decided to identify what had made me successful as an athlete, and then consciously apply those things to every area of my life. Up until that point I had been very successful in a number of areas but the success tended to drift around and tended to only occur in one area at a time. After applying the Gold Medal Success Principles to all areas of my life at once I saw a dramatic and consistent change.

Some of the principles include:
1. Goals/Dreams: set, embrace and verbalize your goals.
2. Belief: have unwavering belief you will achieve those goals.
3. Commitment: taking action to ensure the success in your goals.
4. Raising the Bar: strive for perfection, while embracing where you are now.
5. Everyday is game day: live life like everyday is your most important.
6. Embrace the Pressure: pressure and stress are just an opportunity for greatness; personal growth always comes from stepping outside your comfort zone.

The Louisville players and coaching staff was emotionally devastated after seeing what had happened to their teammate, Kevin Ware, but they also realized they where there for a purpose. They had a goal and a vision. They believed in their abilities. They where committed to their cause. They raised the bar, when faced with the challenge of a downed teammate. The executed every play as if the game depended on it, and most importantly they embraced the pressure.

As for an obstacle in your life, a set back or an injury… apply these principles and choose the perspective that this is one more challenge that will enable you to achieve great success, an opportunity for greatness, in fact an opportunity for Gold Medal Success.

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More info about Kevin Ware and the injury see the excerpt below which was taken from Wave 3 News’ Facebook post (
“Just into the newsroom from UofL from Indy: University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware underwent successful surgery at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis on Sunday night to repair a broken bone in his right leg. Ware had the bone re-set, the wound from the injury closed and a rod inserted in his right tibia during approximately two hours of surgery. He suffered the injury with 6:33 remaining in the first half of the Cardinals’ 85-63 Midwest Regional Championship victory over Duke. Ware will remain in Indianapolis until at least Tuesday, when he is hopeful to return to Louisville and then join the Cardinals as they advance to the NCAA Final Four in Atlanta. A timetable has not been set for a return to basketball competition. Ware was a key backcourt reserve for the Cardinals, particularly during the last third of the season. He scored a career-high 11 points against Oregon on Friday in the regional semifinals and handed out a career-best five assists against Colorado State in the third round of the tournament. He has averaged 4.5 points and over 16 minutes a game for the 33-5 Cardinals. Show your support for #5 and like this.”

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