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Join Forest Fisher, 6-time US National Gold Medalist and Peak Performance Executive, Business and Fitness coach every Thursday at 6am PT/9am ET for an inspirational hour as he gives you access into the mindset of a champion and helps you apply his success principles into life and business. Each show will be entertaining, lively, inspirational, informative, and most importantly, reveal the many secrets of true champions.flip photo 150x150 The Gold Medal Success Show

Each show will feature a special guest athlete (sports and business expert) who achieved success and is willing to share the struggles, the glory and often the tragedies it took to reach success. True Champion status doesn’t come without a price. Hear how many of these successful experts overcame adversity to propel them to greatness. Walk in each athlete’s shoes as they share principles of the champion mindset and how it can launch ones personal and professional life to new heights.

Many people live their whole life wanting more. The Gold Medal Success Show will demonstrate that ANYONE can have a more fulfilling and satisfying life when they put a few basic principles into play. Make every day, Game Day with The Gold Medal Success Show Thursday mornings at 6am PT/9am ET.

About the Host:

As a world class athlete, Forest Fisher has competed on 4 continents, represented the United States on 2 occasions and in both cases has stood on the podium in front of the American flag with medals around his neck.

After having won six US National Gold Medal and having been selected to the US National Team, Forest was at the pinnacle of his waterskiing career when his dreams came crashing down after not one, but two debilitating accidents. In fact he was told he wouldn’t walk again, but Forest didn’t let that stop him. He turned his obstacles into opportunities and tragedy into triumph coming back to compete in international competition at the World Championships in Madrid Spain, and at the Pan-American Championships in Santiago Chile, winning international medals, Bronze, Silver and Gold, representing United States of America on the podium.

Adding to his wealth of experience, Forest works as a systems engineer for Jet Propulsion Laboratories, a NASA research center in Southern California, where he is a virtual pilot flying spacecraft around the Moon and Mars, and leads software development in support of space exploration.

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In his spare time he coaches youth sports, plays soccer, enjoys surfing, helicopter skiing (extreme snow skiing) and a range of other extreme activities. In short the one thing Forest does not do… is sit still. Through out all of these other activities Forest continues to train and compete in waterskiing competitions with his family. And in response to the often-asked question, “are you still competing?” Yes, as of June 2012 Forest is ranked in the top 10 in the world.

As co-founder of Fisher Success Group, Forest has more than 25 years experience as a peak performance coach, helping his clients to achieve more then they ever thought was possible. As a firm believer in whole body success, Forest currently assists people get healthy and fit and reach their fitness success while internally developing a new mindset. And most important to you, he draws on all these experiences as an award winning international speaker to motivate and inspire groups both big and small.

Forest’s true passion is connecting people to personal success by thinking like a champion and training the mind for success.

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