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Sponsorship Includes:

Radio Show Commercial

Radio advertising is affordable and has proven to be the most effective medium for delivery of advertisements to targeted audiences because every radio show appeals to it’s own unique demographics. We provide an effective way to specifically target your prime audience with a 1 minute commercial that runs for a designated period of time.

Value $1300

Radio Show “On Air” Mention

Our host, Forest Fisher, will give a LIVE “On Air Mention” during each show. The Gold Medal Success Show is sponsored by: “Your Company Name” visit: “Your Company website” for more information!

Value $2000

Audio Available on iTunes

30 Minute Air-to-Page system that allows listeners to download The Gold Medal Success Show 30 minutes after we finish LIVE & all shows are uploaded to iTunes to maximize downloads, including commercials. The show will remain in the archives so listeners can download the show at any time and continue to hear your ad. We are continually marketing previous shows, so your company will get continuous exposure.

Value $1300

Ad on Show Page Forest Fisher’s Website

Each Sponsor will receive their own ad with a link directly to their website giving Sponsors an opportunity to promote their business.

Visit the Show Page: http://TheGoldMedalSuccessShow.com

Value $2000

Featured Interview on The Gold Medal Success Show

You will be featured as a guest on an upcoming show sharing your story of success or tips and strategies from your area of expertise.

Value $1000

Total Value = $7600

Only $497/Quarter – automatic recurring payments

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