“Forest, Because of your coaching, I reached my goal of becoming the Columbian national champion, Columbian national record holder and getting the opportunity to represent my country at the World Championships. Best of all I performed well in front of a home crowd, as the World Championships were hosted in Columbia. Thank you”
– Camilo Espinel, Orlando, FL

Forest’s unique and effective coaching style works! The mental focus that he teaches has helped me become a US National water ski champion and maintain my competitive edge. These same mindset skills also help me succeed with the day to day challenges in life. Thanks Forest. — Eric Lee, San Diego, CA

Forest, for years I have admired what you accomplished as a U.S. National Water Ski Champion and coach, but I am especially grateful to you for believing in me and helping me understand the mindset of a champion which moved my skiing to the next level. Thanks for taking me from Regional Champion to 2-time U.S. National Champion and national record holder. — Don Parsons, Caldwell, ID

Forest has helped me to identify specific action steps and also made me feel confident to take massive action. Thanks Forest ! !
— Ryan Taft, AZ

Thank you Forest for coaching me and helping me to realize the steps I need to take to get my life where I want it to be.
— Cindy Horner, NV

“Since I began working with a coach, my business grew by over 300% in the first year alone!  I love the results that I get in each coaching conversation!”
— Shelley Herzog, WA
“I wanted a coach to hold me accountable for doing things that I said that I wanted to do and to support me in making decisions, moving forward in the direction of my dreams.  I am greatful for my coach who has helped me to ACHIEVE my dreams.  Many Thanks!!!”
— Mauri Barnes, FL
Life is a game - it’s not about winning or losing; it’s about building a successful team around you in all aspects of life to reach your goals & dreams. That is what my coach has helped me achieve!!
— Kurt Brorby, Crookston, MN

I believe “Understanding the Mindset of a Champion” is destined to become one of the most powerful and successful personal growth, enrichment and success programs in America.
— Dr. Donald Moine

You will impact many lives sharing your insights on Understanding the Mindset of a Champion.
— Eric Lofholm

Forest, you are a Champion of Champions. With your knowledge and message, you will help create many more champions of life. God Bless,
— Tony Martinez

James Malinchak Event

Vid00009 Deanna Hurn, DHEnterprises
“Hello, this is Deanna Hurn here at the James Malinchak Conference. I am here; I am so excited hearing some wonderful boot camp. I’ve met some wonderful people. www.dhenterprises.com is my web site. I’m a math coach and motivational speaker but I’m here to talk to you about Mr. Fisher. He is a 6-time USA National Gold Medalist. He is an amazing man. He shared the stage at this conference with Jonathon Sprinkles. He is a great inspirational and motivational speaker. I encourage you to listen to him. I mean my life has changed, you see how energized I am, I’m ready to go! But you know what I want you to remember this. You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to become great and that’s what I learned from Mr. Fisher. Mr. Fisher, you are the best!”

“Just like skiing down a slope, you build speed and you build power. Forest Fisher, 6-time Gold Medal winner, inspirational speaker. That’s what he’ll do for you. He will help you drive that power home so that you can win in any endeavor you’ve got ahead of you.”

Vid00011 Dee Yoh,
“My name is Dee Yoh, deeyoh.com, yoh mama. I am an inspirational speaker and have spoke Worldwide and I have seen hundreds of speakers over my lifetime and let me tell you what. Forest Fisher, 6-time Gold Medal winner is so inspirational. He will touch your heart. He will motivate your mind and get you going, let me tell you. You see the skiers behind just doing all those wild, fancy things, he’ll give you the support, the motivation to get you from in the water, up on the skis, over the ramp, in the air sailing to a new tomorrow.”

Vid00012 Travis Brown
“Hey it’s Travis Brown, Mr. Mojo. Catch me at catchthemojo.com. Today I’m here to talk about Forest Fisher. Wow! He’s 6-time National Gold Medalist. If you want to talk about motivation, how about bringing him into your event to talk, motivating your people. Overcome adversity and obstacles to take your team to success. Book Forest today.”

Vid00013 Charisee Rudolph
“Hi everybody, I’m Charisee Rudolph, the Leadership Lady. I’m here at a conference this weekend where I’ve met 6-time Gold Medalist Forest Fisher. He is unbelievable. His energy, what he has to show the kids is gonna be something that’s going to just change their lives forever. He’s got confidence. He’s got self esteem. What he has going on for him can’t be beat. Sign up with him. See him. Call him. Do it, now!”

Vid00014 Beverely Foreman
“Hey this is Beverley Foreman and I’ve just met Forest Fisher, the water ski guy here at the James Malinchak event and he is just phenomenal. He was up on stage, he electrified the whole audience. Everyone was giving him standing ovations and just so excited about the things he had to say. So you need to get with him. Get on his web page and see what you can do with this guy.”

Vid00015 Dr. M. Pagan,
“Hi I’m Dr. M. Pagan know as TheFitPhysican.com also americashottestyoungdoctor.com. I’m here at the seminar, just heard Fisher speak. He’s fantastic. He’s a water ski guy and I was just enthralled and turned on by his Medal Mindset. He’s motivating, inspiring, captivating. If anyone out there wants to take their game, their corporation, their business or just their personal life, their peak performance to the next level, tune into this gentleman. He’s fantastic. He helped me out. Thanks for everything. And again, want to be a champion, Forest Fisher. Have a great day brother. God Bless.”

Vid00019 Adria Manary, Mommy Magic
“Hi my name is Adria Manary and I am attending the James Malinchak’s Speakers Camp and I just heard Forest Fisher and he is phenomenal. He is known as the water ski guy. You probably remember him from the Olympics and he teaches the Gold Medal Mindset. And you need to hear, read his materials, do something but you want Forest Fisher to work with you.

Vid00020 Jonathan Sprinkles, Former National Speak of the Year & Founder of greenspeakingtips.net. Also known as Your Connection Coach
“Hey I’m Jonathan Sprinkles from Houston, TX, former National Speaker of the year and also founder of greenspeakingtips.net. A lot of people know me as ‘Your Connection Coach’, the reason why is because I teach people how to connect with their audiences but let me tell you what I just learned from Forest Fisher, the water skiing guy. He taught me just now something that was so infinitely powerful about how to create that a that winning mindset. He said that the most powerful thing that anybody can do is have the mentality of a winner and the people who he teaches have all been medal winners. And it’s not by chance, it’s not by luck, it’s because of the power of a great coach. And in just a few minutes he’s already taken me from here, all the way up here and just imagine what he can do for your organization in 60 or 90 minutes or even for a whole day training. Trust me, if you want to look like a hero you need to do yourself a favor and make sure you bring Forest Fisher, the water skiing guy to your organization.”

Vid00021 Lori Bell
“Hi I am Lori Bell from lorirbell.com and I want to talk to you about the Gold Medal Mindset. Let me tell you about the water ski guy. A phenomenal speaker, I am elated to share with you the Gold Medal Mindset that you can apply to your life, to your business, to your organizational goals, your personal goals. This is absolutely what you need to infuse into your life to see success and phenomenal levels (?). So if you’re ready to go to the next level, to sky rocket your business and life, you really need to know the Gold Medal Mindset.”

Vid00023 Alan Harrison
“Hi I’m Alan Harrison and I’m here because I want to talk about Forest Fisher, the water ski guy. This is a guy who’s got a lot of energy. This is a guy who if you listen to the pathway that he can get you onto, you’ll reach the Gold Medal in your life and that’s what this is about. He’s got what 6 Gold Medals, I mean this is amazing plus he’s a Rocket Scientist! You gotta know there’s a mix of the mind and body and it’s coordinating those two that his path can get you out on that’s what you’ve got to do in life. That’s how you make it happen in your life. Hey, enjoy!”

Craig Duswalt Event

Vid00026 William – Author of Invisible Entrepreneur & Invisible Partnership
“I’m the author of The Invisible Entrepreneur and Invisible Partnership. We’re from Sydney Australia and I’ve been meeting Forest and I’m knocked off by his ability to communicate about his passion and commitment to becoming a gold medalist because I want to become the best in the world and a coach like Forest is unbelievable to me. So thank you very much Forest for this privilege of working with you and talking to you. It’s been a great honor and I learned so much from you.”

Vid00027 Louise Woodbury – The Invisible Partnership
“Hi I’m Louise Woodbury and I’m from Sydney Australia. My business is The Invisible Partnership and I’ve attended a boot camp and I’ve heard Forest Fisher speak today and I’ve just been really blown away. His book is the Gold Medal Success Secrets and from the point of view of being a mentor myself to my clients and business coaches, what I highly recommend is you get a hold of this book and you get in touch with Forest because there’s nothing better than to work with somebody who has really succeeded in the field that you want to succeed in and what better than having a gold medal mentor on your team?”

Vid00029 Brian Kelly & Kathy Stover – The Internet Citadel Show
“Hi this is Ryan Kelly and hi this is Kathy Stover. We are so excited to be here today and we want to talk to you about Forest Fisher. He is a phenomenal speaker, phenomenal; he just went up on stage, very natural, very entrepreneurial. This is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur because he is here with his wife and they have their infant daughter. They found a way to be here so that Forest could go up on stage and he has a new upcoming book coming out. We’re looking forward to seeing it. Everyone get a copy of this book, it’s truly inspirational using his vast experience as a gold medal champion, 6-time gold. Absolutely impressive and the other thing we want to tell you is Brian and I are with The Internet Citadel Show. That’s www.internetcitidelshow.com. Thank you so much.

Vid00030 Brian Kelly & Kathy Stover – The Internet Citadel Show
“Hi this is Brian Kelly and Kathy Stover with The Internet Citadel Show. That’s www.internetcitidelshow.com. We’re here with Forest Fisher who just recently spoke on stage. Very eloquent speaker knows what he was talking about. He’s got a book coming out. He’s a multi medal, 6-time gold medal champion. (Nothing comparable? Couldn’t make out clearly) and he uses a lot of what he learned in becoming that champion and applies it to his life. What a phenomenal speaker; really, really, you’ve got to come and see Forest Fisher. He’s absolutely amazing. Be sure to get this book when it comes out. It’s Forest Fisher.”

Vid00032 Tom Antion
“Hi I’m Tom Antion and I’m here at the Rock Star System for Success Seminar and I heard a guy named Forest Fisher on stage. He’s a gold medal winner, 6 times over and talked about success principles that I’d never heard anywhere else and I’ve been around quite a bit. So if you ever get a chance to hear Forest Fisher read his book, Gold Medal Secrets for Success, it’s gonna help you in your life, in your personal life and your professional life and hey, if you’re an all-star athlete, you’ll probably want to get a hold of this too. I’m Tom Antion for Rock Star System for Success.”

Vid00034 Dannie Fowler – Etiquette School of Florida
“Hi I’m Dannie Fowler. I’m an etiquette consultant from Florida with www.etiquette-school-of-florida.com and I have to tell you I just saw Forest Fisher on stage speaking and I’m blown away and I think one of the greatest things he’s teaching right now every young man needs to hear. As an etiquette teacher, I know, I see they need help with their performance and leadership skills and I think his background really, really resonates and they’re gonna get it and especially as an adult, if you haven’t heard him speak yet you really should. He’ll get new goals for you that you can accomplish and you’ll see how, it’s great.”

Vid00036 Adam Ace – The Guy in Red
“Hey this is Adam Ace, the guy in red. Check me out at www.adamace.com. I just wanted to tell you about my friend Forest Fisher. I saw him speak today and I always love speakers that can get up there and talk the talk after they’ve walked the walk and here’s a gold medal winning guy, a superstar world caliber athlete telling people how he did all the things to achieve his goals and how they can do that they same in their life. That’s the kind of speakers I love to hear because they can actually back up what they’re talking about plus I’m very jealous of him because he’s a superstar, world class athlete and I’m the worst athlete in the history of sports. So anyway, check out Forest Fisher. It’s awesome, his book is great. Go check it out whenever you can. Thank you very much.”

Vid00039 Jennifer – PR Power Tools.com
“Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer with PR Power Tools.com and I just wanted to let you know I had the very, extreme pleasure of meeting Forest Fisher and his wife this weekend. Forest knocked my socks off. What an amazing speaker, very genuine, very down to earth, and a very, he knows what he’s doing in his life and his life goals. That is so important. As a professional business person and entrepreneur myself, I know that you have to have those core principals grounded and rooted in you before you can ever fly. So Forest, thank you for sharing your bits of wisdom with us over the weekend and everyone, you know even if you’re not an athlete, I know I’m a runner, I’ve been around lots of Iron Men in my life, but even if you’re not familiar to the sporting world, there are several principals in here that apply with you and in your business. So listen to him, listen with your heart and I think you’re gonna get a lot out of it. Thanks Forest, it was wonderful meeting you.”

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