article – Gold Medal Weight Loss – Quick Start Tip #1 – Metabolism Management

We’ve all either done the diet cycle or know people who have, only to find that often after loosing weight on a diet the dieter will end up even heavier than before in a fairly short time after the diet is over. Why does this happen?

Well for 2 main reasons:

  1. not making life-style changes
  2. not managing metabolism

So what makes weight loss successful?

Successful weight loss is all about effective metabolism management, which is why the Forest Fisher’ Gold Medal Weight Loss System starts with the Quick Start Tip about metabolism management.  This simple little thing will make the biggest difference in managing your metabolism and setting up the beginning of the needed life-style change needed for lasting success. So by addressing two of the main reasons diets don’t work we are now on the road to success for achieving the Gold Medal body that you deserve and desire.

Gold Medal Weight Loss Quick Start Tip #1

Eat smaller portions more often. Spread your food through out the day. Ideally eating every 2-3 hours and then not eating with in 2-3 hours of going to bed.

Example: I am targeting to eat 5 times during the day.

1. breakfast
2. AM snack
3. lunch
4. PM snack
5. dinner

Why is this important?

When eating a few big meals your body is continually going through a feast or famine cycle. Getting more food than it needs during and right after a meal so it stores the extra food calories as fat reserves for later. Followed by a famine cycle when you feel hungry again before your next meal. The result of this feast and famine cycle is that your body learns to store the excess as fat so it has something in reserve for the famine part of the cycle, but worse than that, it also learns that it needs to slow your metabolism down so your body’s motor does not run out of fuel before the next pit stop (meal).

In contrast the small frequent meal plan I’ve described here, conditions your body that there is always an abundance of fuel and there for leave the bodies metabolism motor in high gear burning up the fuel supply.

Because you only want to give your body the fuel it needs and don’t want to be storing fuel on-board (i.e. extra calories your body does not need gets stored as fat), by eating more frequently your body will become conditioned to burn the fuel it gets because it will know there is more coming. In other words because your body knows there is more coming and it won’t get starved, there is no need to store the fuel for later. The simple step will boost your metabolism and condition your body to burn the fuel and burn the stored body fat because of the understanding of living in the land of plenty.

So compared to the starvation diet… which conditions your body to store fuel as fat to save for the rainy day. Your new small and frequent meal plan will boost your fat burning metabolism and help you reach your goals. So take this new found knowledge and get started today with this simple concept for life-long health and increased metabolism. Here is to the Gold Medal body that you deserve and desire.

Have a Gold Medal Day!


Forest Fisher

Motivational Speaker, Author and Peak Performance Coach

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